Dzogchen – Heart Essence of the Great Perfection


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To these teachings, His Holiness brings all those qualities which are so uniquely his—the accumulated knowledge of years of study, his incisive insight, his curiosity, humour and compassion, and his seemingly infinite subtlety of mind. During the teachings, there were moments of infectious hilarity, when His Holiness would burst out into peals of laughter, whether it was while speculating on an unorthodox use for the vajra and bell, or at the protracted convolutions of a Finnish translator grappling with his words. There were moments of humility, as he played down his own understanding and grasp of the teachings, moments of reflection, of intense concentration and of a transcendent, transparent stillness. And as always with His Holiness, there were moments of heart-stopping warmth and tenderness.

In these teachings, we find a number of themes recur. His Holiness explains why it is that Dzogchen is called “the pinnacle of all vehicles,” while at the same time the final teachings in all the Buddhist traditions of Tibet lead to the same ultimate point: the clear light. This is a subject, His Holiness admits, which fires his interest like few others, and a theme throughout these teachings, as he reveals the subtle affinities and differences between Dzogchen and the teachings and practices of the other schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

Book in Polish.