Finding Freedom


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This book offers three approaches to awakening. The first section, Fighting the Good Fight, is concerned with how we can commit ourselves to the mindful activity of renouncing our familiar and often comforting limiting habits. Here the orientation is towards leaving our familiar ego-home and going on a journey to seek something which seems only to be available elsewhere.


The second section, Mistaken Identities, points to how we can develop the honesty and courage to face our lives as they manifest, resolving our limiting habits and releasing ourselves from misleading identities. Here the orientation is towards recognising how our self-centredness has harmed others and made us blind to our interdependency.


The third section, Sweet Simplicity, is concerned with how we can relax and release ourselves from all limiting habits and thus effortlessly abide in our limitless intrinsic freedom. Here the orientation is towards awakening to the actuality of our mind as it is.

These three sections are quite different in tone, yet are harmonious and compatible in their underlying message of freedom. The Buddha offered all he was to help us, and if we offer ourselves fully to the path we will awaken with the same smile he offers us.

The book contains The Dhammapada by Buddha Shakyamuni, the Sharp Weapon Wheel by Dharmarakshita, and four Dzogchen texts by Tulku Tsulo, Gonpo Wangyal, Ayu Khandro and the famous Kunzang Monlam — The Evocation of Samantabhadra. All texts were translated from Tibetan by James Low with the guidance of C R Lama and have been revised for this book. Each section is accompanied by a comprehensive introduction that touches the depth and heart of Buddha’s teaching and points to the end of sorrow for all beings and the attainment of lasting freedom.


Book in Polish.