PADMA Basic – immune system / 100 capsules


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Padma Basic is a Tibetan herbal preparation prepared in Switzerland, entirely in accordance with the principles of Tibetan health teachings. The preparation contains 21 different plant substances, including D-camphora, which keep the vascular walls healthy, have an antioxidant effect and promote resistance.

Costi amari rad., Lichen islandicus, Meliae tousend fruct., Cardamomi fruct., Myrobalani fruct., Santali rubri lign., Amomi fruct., Aegle sepiar fruct., Calcii sulfus pulv., Aquilegiae vulgaris fol., Liquiritiae rad., Plantaginis herba, Polygoni avicul. herba, Potentillae aureae herba, Caryophylliflos, Hedychii rhizoma, Sidae cordifoliae herba, Valerianaerad., Lactucae sativae fol., Calendulae flos cum calycibus, D-Camphora

Dosing and consumption:
Unless directed otherwise, take 2 capsules 2 to 3 times a day half an hour before the meals with plenty of water.

none identified

Adverse effects:
none identified

Interaction with other remedies:
none identified

As recommended by your doctor/health practitioner. Tibetan health teachings aim to keep the body optimally healthy.

Package size:
Pack of 100 capsules