PADMA Nervotib – stress relief / 60 capsules


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A quiet spirit is special. Calm and serenity, focusing on work and study and a beautiful sleep characterise this state of semde(mental serenity). PADMA NervoTib is the naturally right dietary supplement for you if you feel that your mind is not in balance. The causes of this can be different: upcoming travel or professional challenges, financial or family worries, emotional incidents or exceptional situations.

From the point of view of the Tibetan Constitution Doctrine, this leads to increased lung energy (Lung is wind energy). The rise of lung can be enhanced by too much of bitter, acidic, raw food or drinks such as alcohol and coffee. But even excessive physical, mental and verbal activities, irregular lifestyle, negative thinking, difficult living circumstances and irregular diet can bring the lung energy out of balance.
Whatever drives you, you feel tired, cannot focus your mind on one thing and at the same time have circular thoughts when falling asleep, are generally restless, overirritated and unbalanced. Padma NervoTib with its precisely dosed Tibetan formula supports your mental balance and your personal life flow.
1 daily serving (to 4 capsules) contains: caraway 240 mg, pitted myrobalan fruits 160 mg, liquorice root 160 mg, nutmeg 160 mg, cloves 120 mg, alant root 120 mg, sickuan pepper fruit wall 120 mg, trestle Hornseeds 11 2 mg, Indian Frankincense 80 mg, Asafoetida 48 mg.
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